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#5. Paint/Draw a picture of something nature-like

I call it a Failset. It is a distant relative of the Sunset.

#16.Create a monster

Yeah, I dunno. Am I the only one that gets Eminem stuck in their head everytime they read this question?
"I've created a monster, nobody wants to see Marshall no more, they want Shady I'm chopped Liver!"

#99. Write a letter to Santa

#107. Make a Joker picture.

I'm actually pretty proud of that.


Moar Stuffs

#1. Climb A Tree

#25. Paint A Design On Your Nails

Yes, it's really bad. And the stripes on my thumb FAIL

#60. Put An Announcement In The Paper

You can't see the 'ment', but you get the picture right?

#77. Write words on a normal calculator

'BOOBIES' and 'OhhEi' :P (kinda like Ohhai)



This is badly done. I fail at photoshop. Eeep.

#80. Take a photo and make it look like is is a polaroid/photobooth photo

Polaroid stock from http://gmtb-stock.deviantart.com/



i actually cleaned up a while ago
and i've forgotten whether or not i've already posted this up :D
hopefully not

picture obese!Collapse )

i prefer my walls bare now
and i'm never gonna let my room get that messy EVER again o.O


Scavenger Hunt

well I've been thinking about it... and I talked to JB about it too... and we've decided that...
The scavenger hunt tasks can be posted up until school goes back
(the start of Feb sometime)

Just so we all have some more time to complete them and such.

That's all. =]

Hope you all had a great christmas =D

Moar Stuffs

#98. Make Pancakes

This was this morning. I look like a douche.

#113. Wear A Hat

#11. Pick some flowers
#52. Press flowers



#.69 Blow Bubbles.
Getting a good photo was near on impossible.

#137. Make some Icy-Poles

#3. Go Star/Moon/Planet Gazing
It's a bad quality of the smiley moon.

#24. Eat Some Ice-Cream

#118. Hug A Pillow
I look like a douche, but in all the others you couldn't tell that it was a pillow, it could have been a Doona.

#123. Find A Feather

#127. Find A Funny YouTube Video


Dunno if the rest of you will find it funny. But I <3 John + David :P

#132. Drink a Slushy

and I think that's all for now