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Jan. 27th, 2009

#68. Take a photo of you raking a photo of you etc

and i just realised we only have a week to finish =o


More Tasks

#86. Go for a walk and tell us where you ended up.

I went for a walk, and planned to go to the library and Big W, but I also ended up in the Post Office, Big W again, EB Games, Harvey Norman, and Ezy DVD before heading home.


#111. Watch Television.

It's a DVD, but it's on the TV, so it counts. :P

Anyone know what movie?



#7. Write a story.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Jb Her computer had broken and so she went and rented a movie. Many of her friends told her she had to see The Matrix, so she decided to get that out.

After watching the movie, Jb felt like a missing part of her had been restored, and she believed The Matrix was real, and she was living in it.

Jb tried to free her mind and see life as The Matrix and not as reality, but she couldn't. She believed it was because she hadn't been unplugged, she was still a part of The Matrix.

To test her theory she tried to leap between two highrise buildings.
She fell to a pretty messy death.
Turns out The Matrix wasn't real after all.

The End.